Solar Rewind Rebate

With our time travel power, we're taking NC solar prices back to better than before. Get a 5% discount on all home solar and battery storage installs now.

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NC Solar Discount

Southern Energy Management is offering a 5% discount on all residential solar and battery installs in North Carolina for a limited time. This discount rolls your net solar cost back to better than 2019 pricing -- vaporizing the step down of the Federal Tax Credit that hit when the clock struck midnight on Dec 31, 2019.

Groovy Home with Solar Panels on the Roof

Clean Energy Future

Why are we offering this discount? We are super serious about helping promote a cleaner, better, solar-powered future for North Carolina.

As our state begins to open back up for business, we hope that this discount helps more homes to tap into the sun to invest in a clean energy future for their families and community.

And like other local businesses, we’d love to receive your support to keep our team members busy and happy doing what they love. After all, we’re all on this time machine hurdling into the future together!

Sam, Solar Technician at B Corp Company, Southern Energy Management

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